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Work of the conference

Plenary (up to 30 min) and section (up to 15 min) reports will be presented at the conference. Official languages of the conference are Uzbek, Russian, English.

The publication of the conference proceedings is supposed to the beginning of the conference.

Venue: National University of Uzbekistan, University str, 4; phone: (+998 93) 384 4949, (+998 71) 246 63 58, (+998 71) 246-08-62.

Registration procedure

E-registration of participants, e-application, and submitting papers will be up to the 15th of September, 2018 at online. The selection committee will accept the articles in English, Russian or Uzbek languages.

After receiving the second information letter with the confirmation of accepting the paper (the papers will be reviewed) and including into the program of the conference

For Authors:

  1. The electronic version should contain two attached files (article and application form) indicating a section and should be emailed to: comparative.conference18@gmail.com.
  2. The file with a paper should be titled as: Author’s name_paper (example: Valiev_article); the file with the application should be titled as Author’s name_application (example: Valiev_application). (MS Word 2003, 2007, 2010 format, Times New Roman, 14 type, line spacing – 1.5, bottom, right – 2 cm, left and margins upper side – 2.5 cm).
  3. A title of the paper is to be in capital letters. The head of the paper is to contain the author’s requisites: full name of the author (should be capitalized and centered), the name of the institution, position and degree, e-mail, phone number (see the sample).
  4. Annotation (up to 50 words) and key words in English, Russian and Uzbek.
  5. The text should meet the following requirements: line spacing – 1.5 (see the sample), paragraph indentation – 1 cm, alignment – justified, text hyphenation – automatic. (see modernlinguistics.nuu.uz ). The authors are responsible for the content and organization of the materials.
  6. In-text references should be in square brackets and contain the number of the source in the list of references at the end of the page and the paragraph number (see the sample).
  7. The number of pages may be from 3 to 5.

Additional information
Fee for participation:
for foreign participants (including CIS) USD 100
The fee will cover: 
-preparation of the conference materials,
-publication of conference proceedings, 
-coffee-break, lunch, dinner,


Accommodation is provided by the National University of Uzbekistan.


National University of Uzbekistan

Youth union of Uzbekistan

Address of Organizational Committee:

Tashkent city, NUUz,

Olmazor d., Farobiy str,400,

Faculty of Foreign Philology,

rooms 315, 417.




Tashkent: (+998 93) 384 4949 (Arustamyan Yana), (+998 90) 962 44 40 (Djumabaeva Jamila), (+998 97) 711 72 70 (Sadullaeva Nilufar) ,(+998 71) 246 63 58,

(+998 71)246-08-62

Pay with Payme:

After paying take a photo of check and send to e-mail.
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